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Captain of Industry
by Karin Kallmaker

Blood Money Murder
by Jessie Chandler

Matters of the Heart
by Catherine Maiorisi

The Sisterhood
by Penelope Friday

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Catch up on the first 4 books in Jessie Chandler's Shay O'Hanlon Caper series. Paperbacks only $9.99!

In honor of Curious Wine being selected as this year's recpient of the Lee Lynch Classic Award, all of Katherine Forrest's titles are 25% off!

New Releases

Captain of Industry - eBook
Captain of Industry

Karin Kallmaker
June 16, 2016
Blood Money Murder - eBook
Blood Money Murder

Jessie Chandler
June 16, 2016
Matters of the Heart - eBook
Matters of the Heart

Catherine Maiorisi
June 16, 2016
Sisterhood, The - eBook
The Sisterhood

Penelope Friday
June 16, 2016
Adventures with Kenna White Bundle - eBook
Adventures with Kenna White Bundle

Kenna White
June 16, 2016
Actual Stop - eBook
Actual Stop

Kara A. McLeod
June 16, 2016
Reluctant Enterprise, A - eBook
A Reluctant Enterprise

Gun Brooke
June 16, 2016
Jane's World - eBook
Jane's World

Paige Braddock
June 16, 2016
Just Say Yes - eBook
Just Say Yes

Kris Byrant
June 16, 2016
Love's Redemption - eBook
Love's Redemption (Bold Strokes Books)

Donna K. Ford
June 16, 2016
Party Games - eBook
Party Games

Sandy Lowe
June 16, 2016
Shewstone, The - eBook
The Shewstone

Jane Fletcher
June 16, 2016
Embracing the Dawn - eBook
Embracing the Dawn

Jeannie Levig
June 16, 2016
Above the Law - eBook
Above the Law

Carsen Taite
June 16, 2016
Under Contract - eBook
Under Contract

Jennifer L. Jordan
May 2016
Trial by Fury - eBook
Trial by Fury

KG MacGregor
May 12, 2016
Moonstone - eBook

Jaime Clevenger
May 12, 2016
Flesh Trade, The - eBook
The Flesh Trade

Maggie Brown
May 12, 2016
Sleeping Dogs Lie - eBook
Sleeping Dogs Lie

E.J. Cochrane
May 12, 2016
Beach Affair, The - eBook
The Beach Affair

Barbara Johnson
1995, May 2016
Robbi McCoy Award Winning Bundle - eBook
Robbi McCoy Award Winning Bundle

Robbi McCoy
May 12, 2016
Neptune's Ring - eBook
Neptune's Ring

Ali Spooner
June 2016
Ultimate Betrayal, The - eBook
The Ultimate Betrayal

Annette Mori
June 2016
Vacations Can Be Murder - eBook
Vacations Can Be Murder

Jane DiLucchio
June 2016
Lesser Prophets - eBook
Lesser Prophets

Kelly Sinclair
June 2016
Beneath the Waves - eBook
Beneath the Waves

Ali Vali
May 12, 2016
Taking a Gamble - eBook
Taking a Gamble

PJ Trebelhorn
May 12, 2016
Touch of Temptation, A - eBook
A Touch of Temptation

Julie Blair
May 12, 2016
Girls on Campus - eBook
Girls on Campus

May 12, 2016
Heart of the Pack - eBook
Heart of the Pack

Jenny Frame
May 12, 2016
Miss Match - eBook
Miss Match

Fiona Riley
May 12, 2016
Copper Egg, The - eBook
The Copper Egg

Catherine Friend
May 12, 2016
Iron Phoenix, The - eBook
The Iron Phoenix

Rebecca Harwell
May 12, 2016
Staying the Distance - eBook
Staying the Distance

Franci McMahon
May 12, 2016
Keeping Faith - eBook
Keeping Faith

TJ Vertigo
May 2016
Out: A Courageous Woman's Journey - eBook
Out: A Courageous Woman's Journey

Lou Anne Smoot
May 2016
Firework - eBook

Melissa Brayden
May 12, 2016
Wittering Way, The - eBook
The Wittering Way

Nat Burns
May 2016
Scythian Fields: Part Two - eBook
Scythian Fields: Part Two

A. L. Duncan
May 2016

New Arrivals

At the Water's Edge - eBook
At the Water's Edge

Harper Bliss
November 2014
Carved in Stone - eBook
Carved in Stone

Jen Silver
February 2016
It Takes Two - eBook
It Takes Two

Harper Bliss
November 2015
Opposites Attract: Five Clashing Tales of Lesbian Lust - eBook
Opposites Attract: Five Clashing Tales of Lesbian Lust

Erzabet Bishop, Laila Blake, Harper Bliss, Cheyenne Blue, Lucy Felthouse
May 2015
Bound - eBook

Ali Spooner
April 2016
Collide-O-Scope - eBook

Andrea Bramhall
April 2016
Crossing Lines - eBook
Crossing Lines

KD Williamson
April 2016
Nights of Silk and Sapphire - eBook
Nights of Silk and Sapphire

Amber Jacobs
April 2016
Finding Hekate - eBook
Finding Hekate

Kellie Doherty
April 2016
Blood Legacy - eBook
Blood Legacy

Sheryl Wright
March 2016
I Still Remember - eBook
I Still Remember

Harper Bliss
October 2013
Al Fresco - eBook
Al Fresco

Harper Bliss, Tamsin Flowers, Katya Harris, Annabeth Leong, Allison Wonderland
October 2015
Anything She Wants - eBook
Anything She Wants

Harper Bliss (editor)
June 2013
As Years Go By - eBook
As Years Go By

Harper Bliss
October 2014
Blue Woman Stories: Volume One - eBook
Blue Woman Stories: Volume One

Cheyenne Blue
September 2014
Blue Woman Stories: Volume Three - eBook
Blue Woman Stories: Volume Three

Cheyenne Blue
March 2015
Bossier - eBook

Harper Bliss, Emily L. Byrne, Rachel O. Esplanade, Ava-Ann Holland, Axa Lee
April 2015
Bossy - eBook

Erzabet Bishop, Laila Blake, Harper Bliss, Cheyenne Blue, Lucy Felthouse
May 2014
Christmas Kisses - eBook
Christmas Kisses

Erzabet Bishop, Laila Blake, Harper Bliss, Cheyenne Blue, Lucy Felthouse
December 2015
Christmas to Remember, A - eBook
A Christmas to Remember

Erzabet Bishop, Laila Blake, Harper Bliss, Cheyenne Blue, Lucy Felthouse
December 2013
Cougars - eBook

Erzabet Bishop, Laila Blake, Harper Bliss, Cheyenne Blue, Lucy Felthouse
November 2014
Forbidden Fruit - eBook
Forbidden Fruit

Cheyenne Blue (ed)
September 2014
From Top to Bottom - eBook
From Top to Bottom

Harper Bliss (ed)
March 2016
Girls Only: The Collection - eBook
Girls Only: The Collection

Harper Bliss
November 2013
Girls Only: Volume Three - eBook
Girls Only: Volume Three

Harper Bliss
April 2015
Girls Will Be Girls - eBook
Girls Will Be Girls

Lucy Felthouse
October 2015
Girls in Love - eBook
Girls in Love

Laila Blake
October 2014
Higher Education, A - eBook
A Higher Education

Harper Bliss
October 2014
Once in a Lifetime - eBook
Once in a Lifetime

Harper Bliss
June 2015
Piano Lessons - eBook
Piano Lessons

Harper Bliss
January 2015
Summer's End - eBook
Summer's End

Harper Bliss
December 2013
Witches of Gloucester, The - eBook
The Witches of Gloucester

Lisabet Sarai
March 2015

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