Dreaming in Color - eBook

Dreaming in Color

Carlene-her friends call her Cee-Cee-came to the U.S. from Jamaica to be reunited with her mother, who has been working to make enough money to send for her. But for Cee-Cee, life in her new country is hard. She misses her island home, the friends she left behind who don't even Facebook her anymore.

High school is a minefield of bullying. It's not even October, and talk of homecoming and parties has Cee-Cee super-depressed after the boy she likes plays an ugly trick on her. When a group of mean kids, led by one of the most popular girls in the school, targets Cee-Cee, taunting her for her accent, she turns to art as a refuge.

Then Cee-Cee meets Greg, another teen from Jamaica, who plays saxophone and has his own secrets. Greg helps Cee-Cee stand up to the bullies, but then events take a devastating turn.
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Genre Young Adult
Pub Date
# Pages 258
Publisher Tiny Satchel Press
ISBN 9780984531851e
Editor Victoria A. Brownworth
Cover Designer Jennifer Mercer

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