Kate Delafield Mystery Series Vol 2 - eBook

Kate Delafield Mystery Series Vol 2

Katherine V. Forrest's suspenseful series continues with the next three titles in the Kate Delafield Mystery Series.

Murder by Tradition—Young Teddie Crawford is dead from multiple stab wounds in a restaurant kitchen awash with blood. LAPD homicide detective Kate Delafield is relentless in her pursuit and capture of his killer. But bringing that killer to trial imperils Kate’s professional standing and personal privacy—and her belief in the justice system to which she has devoted her life.

Liberty Square—For LAPD Homicide Detective Kate Delafield, Washington DC is the last place on earth she wants to be. But, thanks to her partner's machinations, here she is.

Apparition Alley—Kate Delafield is at war. With LAPD’s Department of Internal Affairs which is challenging her conduct during an arrest gone disastrously wrong. With the police psychologist who holds in her hands the power to keep Kate off the job—and is exercising it.
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Genre Mystery
Pub Date
Publisher Spinsters Ink
ISBN 9781234569002e



Lambda Literary Awards

Apparition Alley, Lambda Literary Finalist for Lesbian Mystery
Hancock Park, Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Mystery
High Desert, Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Mystery
Liberty Square, Lambda Literary Finalist for Lesbian Mystery
Murder by Tradition, Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Mystery

Lambda Literary Review

Delafield remains the complex and engaging character she always was.

It's Katherine V. Forrest--along with fellow trendsetters like Sandra Scoppettone, Ellen Hart, Jean Redmann, and Randye Lordon--who has defined and expanded the limits of the lesbian mystery.

Reviewing the Evidence

A classic case of what a heck of a lot of crime fiction isn't - outstanding character-driven writing.

The Most Celebrated Detective in Lesbian Fiction!

Katherine V. Forrest -- Internationally Acclaimed Bestselling Author, Winner - Six Lambda Literary Awards, Winner - Publishing Triangle

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