Abby's Passion - eBook

Abby's Passion - eBook

Price: $9.99
Author: Jackie Calhoun
Genre: Romance
Pub Date: 2005
# Pages: 222
Publisher: Bella Books
ISBN-13: 9781594930140e
Editor: Anna Chinappi
Cover Designer: Sandy Knowles

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Abby lives a solid and uneventful life... except where her sister, Mona, is concerned. A career in the mental health field combined with a diagnosed bipolar sister as a roommate has done little for Abby’s love life. Often manic and sometimes dangerous with a shotgun, Mona has a talent for driving way all of Abby's lovers.

When one of Mona’s all night painting session leads to a new pairing between Mona and a local carpenter, Abby is all too ready to relinquish responsibility for her sister. With Mona occupied, Abby has a chance at passion and romance and soon finds that her interest in Sally, a local attorney, is heating up.

But fate has something different in mind. Events out of her control turn Abby's world upside down and soon Abby must figure out what really is most important in life.