Bell, Book & Dyke - Paperback

Bell, Book & Dyke

The best-selling quartet that brought you Once Upon A Dyke unveils four deliciously different takes on magic in lesbian lives. Reluctant witches, tempting books, and beautiful bells—and belles—delve into the mysteries of love, lust and power.

Sex Magic. Be Skyclad with Julia Watts. Do it By the Book with Therese Szymanski. Find enchantment with Barbara Johnson's Lily and lose your reason with Karin Kallmaker's Unbeliever.

Woman Magic. Black cats, haunted houses, strange brews and dancing bonfires heat up the pages of this diverting quartet of erotic, imaginative tales. Curl up with a bell, a book and a dyke and let the magic be real.
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Genre Erotica, Fantasy, Anthology
Pub Date
# Pages 356
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594930232
Editor Karin Kallmaker & Julia Watts
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


    The New Exploits Series is four volumes of novellas by Babara Johnson, Karin Kallmaker, Therese Szymanski and Julia Watts.
    Each volume's novellas are inspired by a basic theme.
    Neither the novellas nor the individual volumes need to be read in any particular order.
  • Once Upon a Dyke - Fairy Tale Lesbians
  • Bell, Book and Dyke - Magical Lesbians
  • Stake through the Heart - Twilight Lesbians
  • Tall in the Saddle - Western Lesbians
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GCLS Goldie Awards

Bell, Book and Dyke by Barbara Johnson, Karin Kallmaker, Therese Szymanski and Julia Watts - Finalist, Lesbian Horror/ Paranormal

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