Fragmentary Blue - Paperback

Fragmentary Blue - Paperback

Price: $15.95
Author: Erica Abbott
Genre: Romance
Pub Date: March 2012
# Pages: 222
Publisher: Bella Books
ISBN-13: 9781594932748
Editor: Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer: Judy Fellows


C.J. St. Clair’s success as a police officer has brought her a new job and a fresh start with Internal Affairs in Colfax, Colorado. It’s a long way from her hometown of Savannah, and among the many welcome sights on her new horizons is Alex Ryan, the head of the Detective Unit.

Captain Ryan loves her department, her detectives and her family. Loving another woman isn’t in the game plan, but C.J.’s southern charms are difficult to ignore. Romantic possibilities are crushed when a murder and scandal erupt within Alex’s command. The system they have both sworn to uphold makes them enemies separated by mounting evidence—and there is no honorable way to cross the divide.

Fragmentary Blue is a sizzling novel of forbidden attraction and heart-pounding tension from an exciting new writer!
  • Newcomer Erica Abbott brings her legal background, love of good food, good women and good song to this breathless romantic journey!
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Lesbian Fiction Reviews

With believable characters, deep emotions, sweet scenes and dialogues, and the always present action and tension, Erica Abbott tells us the story of two women who will have to fight against social prejudices and an explosive situation to get what they want, their happily-ever-after ending in which CJ believes so deeply and Alex is beginning to consider...

GCLS Goldie Awards

Fragmentary Blue — Finalist, Debut Author.

Alice B. Readers Appreciation Committee

Fragmentary Blue — Lavender Certificate for Debut Fiction.

Frivolous Views

Fragmentary Blue: One of the first things that grabbed me about this novel is that it is well written. Many may think that is a strange statement. "Of course it’s well written,” you might say. "After all, it was published!” (I’m sure we’ve all read enough to know that isn’t always a prerequisite for getting published.) Abbott uses language wonderfully and doesn’t “write down” to her readers. I appreciate that in an author. It seems as though she understands that her readers are astute.