Campaign, The - Paperback

Campaign, The - Paperback

Price: $15.95
Author: Tracey Richardson
Genre: Romance
Pub Date: August 2012
# Pages: 256
Publisher: Bella Books
ISBN-13: 9781594932823
Editor: Nene Adams
Cover Designer: Linda Callaghan


It’s been four years since Jane Kincaid made history in the smash best-seller The Candidate...

Vice President Jane Kincaid is up for re-election alongside President Dennis Collins. Of immeasurable help and comfort to her is her lover, Secret Service Agent Alex Warner and her sister/campaign manager, Corey Kincaid.

Even though she’s planned for a tough fight, the campaign’s equilibrium is threatened by the rumor that Collins is about to be engulfed in scandal. The news comes from Julia Landen, a reporter assigned to the campaign and Alex’s ex-girlfriend. Jane wants her campaign to stay above the mire, but Corey and Julia grow increasingly obsessed with Collins’ problems—and they spend more and more time together. Not happy to have her ex underfoot, Alex shares Jane’s concern about the burgeoning romance.

On the eve of the party convention the scandal explodes on the front pages, gutting the viability of the Collins/Kincaid ticket. Everyone suspects dirty tricks and Alex undertakes an investigation—but any evidence she finds won’t change the fact that Jane is once again standing on the edge of history. This time winning and losing both come with infinite consequences.


Lambda Literary Review

Richardson gives us strong, yet individual characters in this story and examines how personal principles, desires, and ambitions sometimes clash. Each person has a role to play in the telling of this dramatic story, and some even have a love tale to tell. The Campaign is a timely story, more personal than political, although couched around the events of a potentially muddled campaign.