Tats Too: The Case of the Devilís Diamond - Paperback

Tats Too: The Case of the Devilís Diamond  - Paperback

Price: $15.95
Author: Layce Gardner
Genre: Romance
Pub Date: May 2012
# Pages: 254
Publisher: Bella Books
ISBN-13: 9781594932915
Editor: Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer: Linda Callaghan


They got out of Oklahoma alive. With a baby on the way, Lee Hammond and Vivian Baxter have settled down to uncomplicated domesticityóuntil Lee finds bugs in the smoke detectors. The electronic kind.

It seems that there are a few details about her past that Vivian has neglected to share with Lee, and the men with the big guns are back. They want what Vivian took from them: the thirty million dollar Devilís Diamond.

From the bright lights of Vegas to the dazzling sights of Hollywood, the chase is on in Layce Gardnerís sequel to the instant sensation Tats.
  • A Bella Attitude novel.
  • Layce Gardner is also known for her screenplays that have appeared on Lifetime, USA and other networks.
  • About the women in Tats, Layce Gardner says, ďKinda like ĎThelma and Louise,í except they fall in love. I never liked the ending of that movie. I always thought they should end up in Mexico, running a roadside fruit stand.Ē
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Terry's Lesfic Reviews

A wonderfully well-written sequel to Tats! I love both main characters Lee and Vivian. They are multidimensional and interact so well together. Just like an old married couple, they know each otherís thoughts. Goodies and baddies alike all have their parts to play in progressing this page turning story forward.

New Paper Adventures

Caution: Don't drink or eat while reading this book or you will be spitting your food across the table with liquid coming out your nose. The same could be said for reading this book in public, like I was doing on the train the other day and had people staring at me because I couldn't help but laugh out loud.