Crash Stop - Paperback

Crash Stop - Paperback

Price: $15.95
Author: Mary Griggs
Genre: Romance
Pub Date: October 2012
# Pages: 226
Publisher: Bella Books
ISBN-13: 9781594933080
Editor: Nene Adams
Cover Designer: Sandy Knowles


She didnít want a workplace feud, but Gail Joiner isnít going to let Lily Rush walk all over her. When pushed, she pushes back.

Their hostilities evaporate, however, when a shipping accident traps Gailís daughter and Lily in a wrecked warehouse. Incredibly, Sierra escapes unscathed, but Lilyís injuries are severe.

Recuperation allows Gail and Lily to uncover common ground, but what-might-be is interrupted by a threat on Lilyís job as distribution director for the large tea importer. Gail, as human resources director, finds herself caught between Lily, their CEO and the new vice president who seems determined to oust Lily for reasons of his own.

Two women struggle to make peace and find love amidst the corporate intrigue and life-changing challenges of the beautiful San Francisco Bay.


GCLS Goldie Awards

Mary Griggs — Finalist, Debut Novelist.