Inner Sanctuary - Paperback

Inner Sanctuary - Paperback

Price: $15.95
Author: D Jordan Redhawk
Genre: Speculative
Pub Date: October 2012
# Pages: 284
Publisher: Bella Books
ISBN-13: 9781594933103
Editor: Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer: Linda Callaghan


Find allies in old enemies. Embrace a familiar, forgotten love. Recognize who you areóand you who arenít. These are the tasks laid out before Whiskey as she struggles to accept that she is the lost Queen Elisibet.

An assassin, whose employers have no need of a new High Queen, is dispatched by a competing ruling council. Blood will be spilled in the streets of Portland as all the players are forced to line up on one or the other side of the battlefield.

Hunted and haunted, Whiskey cannot deny her growing power and the call of her destiny. Only a short time ago the only thing truly hers was her nameómust she give that up as well to assume her place in Sanguire history?

The mesmerizing Sanguire trilogy from D Jordan Redhawk unveils the bloody balance of an ancient conflict between undying races.