Down to the Bone - Paperback

Down to the Bone - Paperback

Price: $14.95
Author: Mayra Lazara Dole
Genre: LGBT Young Adult
Pub Date: 2008, June 2012
# Pages: 268
Publisher: Bella Books
ISBN-13: 9781594933172
Editor: Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer: Kiaro Creative


When Shai receives text messages from Marlena, the love of her life, and reads them during class, her dramatic mother finds out what her A-student daughter’s been doing behind her back and kicks her to the curb.

Soon Shai becomes involved with an unusual group of friends in exotic Miami. Can a discarded free-thinker turn the corner into a world as wild, hilarious, and painful as her first love—and create a new kind of family?

Bella Books is proud to bring the expanded Author's Edition of this best-selling Young Adult classic to print.

Booklist *Starred Review*

Sun-filled wonderland of friends, choices, broken hearts, honesty, family and love. - Alex Sanchez, Rainbow Boys

Originally published by Harper Teen 2008.


La Bloga

A book for parents, relatives, and young readers... Down to the Bone is not a morality tale--though readers will find that. Dole's crafted a cautionary coming of age story that says a person is entitled to whatever happiness she can create. It says we live in parallel worlds, the gay world, the haters world, the world of the rest of us. Some of us pass back and forth into those worlds while others shut themselves and others out. All own the consequences of their acts.


Down to the Bone: Starred Review!

School Library Journal

Laugh-out-loud irreverent!

Lambda Literary Review

This is a portrayal of one girl’s potential – probable? – truth. As such, the emotional experience for the reader is one of heartache, strength, love, the true meaning of friendship, and a determination to trust and believe in one’s self...

Brent Hartinger, Geography Club

Colorful and energetic - the bold new trend!

Alex Sanchez, Rainbow Boys

Sun-filled wonderland of friends, choices, broken hearts, honesty, family and love.