Fugitive's Kiss, A - Paperback

A Fugitive's Kiss

by Jaime Clevenger
Desperate and running for her life, Darin has left behind the world she’s known and hidden her gifts. With hunters on her trail, nowhere is safe but a night’s respite in an out-of-the-way barn seems worth the risk.

Suspicious of Northerners, Aysha is wary of the stranger she discovers in her barn. Their first meeting only confirms her distrust, but she’s drawn to the mysterious fugitive and fears give way to passion.

When Aysha is threatened by Darin’s pursuers, the two must escape to a new land. Hoping for a peaceful life, neither can out run secrets of their past.
Genre Fantasy
Pub Date September 2017
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594934216
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan