Richfield & Rivers Mystery Series - eBook

Richfield & Rivers Mystery Series - eBook

Price: $12.99
Author: Andrews & Austin
Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
ISBN-13: 978-1-60282-108-8e

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Series eBook bundle featuring 3 books from Andrew's and Austin's Richfield & Rivers Mystery Series.

Combust the Sun—Teague Richfield, a funny, jaded, ex-cop turned LA screenwriter, teams up with Callie Rivers, an ethereal, drop-dead gorgeous psychic astrologer, when people at Marathon studios start dying in mysterious way.

Stellium in Scorpio—Passionate re-uniting of Teague Richfield and Callie Rivers who become targets in Las Vegas, where everything is illusion and love is a gamble.

Venus Besieged—Teague Richfield heads for a much needed romantic reunion with psychic astrologer Callie Rivers…except murder gets in the way.