Amigas y Amor Romance Series  - eBook

Amigas y Amor Romance Series

Little White Lie—Emie Jaramillo knows relationships are for other people, and beautiful women like Gia Mendez don't belong anywhere near her boring world of academia—until Gia sets out to convince Emie she has not only brains, but beauty—and that she's the only woman Gia wants in her life.

Picture Imperfect—Young love doesn't always stand the test of time, but Deanne is determined to get her marriage to childhood sweetheart Paloma back on the road to happily ever after, by way of Memory Lane—and Lover's Lane.

Playing the Player—Grace Obregon is beautiful, vulnerable, and exactly the kind of woman Madeira Pacias usually avoids, but when Madeira rescues Grace from a traffic accident, escape is impossible.

Under Her Skin—Supermodel Lilly Lujan hasn't a care in the world, except life is lonely in the spotlight—until Mexican gardener Torien Pacias sees through Lilly's facade and offers gentle understanding and friendship when Lilly most needs it.
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Genre Romance
Pub Date
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781602825413e