Radclyffe Romance Vol. 2 - eBook

Radclyffe Romance Vol. 2 - eBook

Price: $25.99
Author: Radclyffe
Genre: Romance
Pub Date: Feb-11
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
ISBN-13: 9781602825468e

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Desire by Starlight — The only thing that might possibly save romance author Jenna Hardy from dying of boredom during a summer of forced R&R is a dalliance with Gardiner Davis, the local vet—even if Gard is as unimpressed with Jenna’s charms as she appears to be with Jenna’s fame.

The Lonely Hearts Club — Take three friends, add two ex-lovers and several new ones, and the result is a recipe for explosive rivalries and incendiary romance.

Secrets in the Stone — Reclusive sculptor Rooke Tyler suddenly finds herself the object of two very different women’s affections, and choosing between them will change her life forever.