Clifford Henderson Novels - eBook

Clifford Henderson Novels

An award-winning Lesbian Drama Fiction eBook Bundle by Clifford Henderson:

Maye's Request—When Brianna Bell promises her ailing mother she'll heal the rift between her "other two" parents, she discovers how little she knows about those closest to her and the impact family has on the fabric of our lives.

The Middle of Somewhere—Eadie T. Pratt sets out on a road trip in search of a new life and ends up in the middle of somewhere she never expected.

Spanking New—A poignant, hilarious, unforgettable look at life, love, gender, and the essence of what makes us who we are.
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Price: $9.99

Genre General Lesbian Fiction
Pub Date
Publisher Boldstrokes Books
ISBN 9781602827240e

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Clifford Henderson Novels

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