Erotica Sampler Vol. 2 - eBook

Erotica Sampler Vol. 2

The second volume of Erotic Sampler eBook Bundle featuring:

Flesh and Bone, Ronica Black—An eclectic collection of lesbian erotica, the stories in Flesh and Bone are as individual as every woman.

The Collectors, Lesley Gowan—Laura owns what might be the world's most extensive collection of BDSM lesbian erotica, but that's as close as she's gotten to the world of her fantasies. Until, that is, her friend Adele introduces her to Adele's mistress Jeanne—art collector, heiress, and experienced dominant. With Jeanne's first command, Laura's life changes forever.

Breathless, eds. Radclyffe & Stacia Seaman—Bold Strokes Books romance authors give readers a glimpse into the lives of favorite couples celebrating special moments "after the honeymoon ends." Enjoy a new look at lesbians in love or revisit favorite characters from some of BSB's best-selling romances.

Radical Encounters, Radclyffe—An out-of-bounds, outside-the-lines collection of provocative, superheated erotica by award-winning romance and erotica author Radclyffe.
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Genre Erotica
Pub Date
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781602827387e

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