Across Time - eBook

Across Time

Jessie Ferguson's life is going nowhere. She's tried drugs, alcohol—and even sex, to fill the emptiness and void that has no name. But nothing seems to quench the dull ache that visits her each night. Then when Jessie moves into a restored Victorian Bed and Breakfast, all of that changes the instant she hears a call from the past.

A call from her past.

A past life two thousand years ago from a place she knows nothing of, from a woman she's seen only in her dreams. It is a past that needs her, a past that has burst through the boundaries of time in order to ask for her help.

If you believe in soul mates...if you just know you've had a past life...if you've ever wondered who you might have been long ago and who you might have loved, then join Jessie in the first of a series of adventures that takes her Across Time.
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Genre General Fiction, Speculative, Young Adult
Publisher Spinsters Ink
ISBN 9781883523916e


  • The Across Time Series featuring Jesse Ferguson Quests is by the author of the Echo Branson Paranormal Investigations.
  • This is first book in the series.


Just About Write

Lynne Pierce - May, 2008: Have you ever known something before it happened? Have you ever known the answer to a question without really knowing where you got the information? Do you believe in soul mates? ...Across Time takes the reader on two interesting journeys, one with Jessie to rescue the Druids and the other in the realm of philosophy. Taking both of them is highly recommended.

R. Lynne - April 2008: Silva has definitely done her homework, as she brings ancient history to life. Her characters are real, as are her descriptions of Druid customs and life. She weaves fact and fiction with skill and artistry, so the reader is gaining knowledge of an ancient time while being thoroughly involved in the story. Across Time is a haunting read which will stay with you long after the last page is turned.

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