Way Life Should Be, The - eBook

Way Life Should Be, The - eBook

Price: $9.99
Author: Diana Tremain Braund
Genre: Romance
Pub Date: 1998
# Pages: 176
Publisher: Bella Books
ISBN-13: 9781931513661e
Editor: Christi Cassidy
Cover Designer: Sandy Knowles

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When a woman's heart has been broken, it takes an extraordinary love to strip away the pain of the past and teach her the true meaning of love.

Jennifer — Tired of the lies and broken promises...the nights she waited alone and worried... Jennifer Ogden leaves her unfaithful partner and accepts a job as Assistant District Attorney in the small town of Bailey's Cove, Maine. The close-knit townspeople consider anybody who's lived there less than 10 years to be an outsider, and that's fine with Jennifer. The last thing she wants is to get close to anybody.

Kristan — Born and raised in Bailey's Cove, headstrong reporter Kristan Cassidy is as rugged and free as the Maine coastline she calls home. Having been burned in the past, she believes there's no room for romance in her life...until she realizes that she's falling hard for Jennifer.

Pam — Believing that time and therapy heal all wounds, Jennifer's seductive ex-lover, Pamela Rivers, has her heart set on a permanent reconciliation. When she discovers that another woman is interested in Jennifer, her competitive instincts shift into overdrive. As attractive as she is determined, she arrives in Bailey's Cove firmly convinced that the way back to Jennifer's heart is through her bed.