Temple at Landfall, The - Paperback

The Temple at Landfall

Lynn is an imprinter, one chosen by the Goddess to receive her greatest gift, that of creating new life. So why does she feel like a prisoner in the Temple?

When Lynn learns that she is to be relocated to the temple at Landfall, the arduous journey seems more like a gift—her last chance to see something of the outside world. She does not anticipate the dangers and temptations she will encounter along the way, nor does she expect Lieutenant Kim Ramon, an officer in the squadron of Rangers assigned to protect her. Despite all prohibitions forbidding it, attraction grows between the two women.

Against them stand the powerful religious Sisterhood and their holy warriors—the Temple Guards. In a world ruled by the Church, what chance is there that Lynn can escape?
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Genre Romance, Romantic Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Pub Date
# Pages 296 pages
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781933110271

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