Residual Moon - eBook

Residual Moon

Two young women are found dead on the Chicago lakefront in as many weeks, each murdered in the same fashion. Detective Sergeant Grayson MacCarthaigh is at her wit's end trying to solve the grisly mess before the murderer claims another victim.

Her only common thread is Dr. Neala Rourke, the curator of the famous National Museum in Dublin, Ireland. She is in Chicago with her archaeological exhibit at the Field Museum, which suspiciously coincides with the two murders.

With a strange and eerie turn of events, things start unraveling. Grayson now is compelled to return to her birthplace and follows Dr. Rourke back to Ireland where ancient Celtic beliefs and mythology are thrown into the mix, turning the detective's logical world upside-down.

However, one fact remains for the determined Detective MacCarthaigh: Someone killed those two women and whether real or mythological—he or she will kill again.

Second in the Dawn Series
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Price: $11.95

Genre Intrigue
Publisher Intaglio Publications
ISBN 9781933113944e

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