Adijan and her Genie - Paperback

Adijan and Her Genie

Adijan, a poor messenger girl in an Arabian Nights fantasy world, wishes she could build a world-spanning business empire. Shalimar, her wife, wishes Adijan would spend more time at home. Their landlord wishes Adijan would pay the rent. Adijan's brother-in-law wishes she would get trampled by a herd of camels so that he could marry his sister Shalimar to someone affluent and influential. And of all the wishes in the world, Adijan wishes the genie she's saddled with would grant her wishes instead of treating her with disdain.

Be careful what you wish for in a world of genies, sorcerers, and flying carpets.
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Price: $13.95

Genre Lesbian Fantasy
Pub Date
# Pages 236 pages
Publisher Bedazzled Ink
ISBN 9781934452059

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