Liar's Moon - eBook

Liar's Moon

In the sequel to Residual Moon, Grayson MacCarthaigh stays in Ireland, struggling with her destiny as the true descendant chosen to protect the ancient power of the fabled Tuatha De Danann. Her logical world is now replaced with Celtic legends and myths, goddesses, and immortals.

As Grayson comes to grips with all this, someone or something is doing his or her best to see that she fails in her role of protector of the ancients. Is it her new archenemy, Phelan Tynan the ancient wizard, or Elinora, the beautiful but enigmatic immortal sent to help Grayson? And what of Sister Gabriel, the cloistered nun who suddenly appears at the abbey?

Grayson soon realizes everyone has something to hide. Mendacity runs amok at St. Brigid's Monastery, but all will be revealed under the Liar's Moon.
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Genre Speculative
# Pages 246
Publisher Intaglio Publications
ISBN 9781935216193e
Editor Tara Young
Cover Designer Tiger Graphics

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