I Love You Again - eBook

I Love You Again

Roz Maguire and Kit Weston. No two people could be more in love or more idiotic. After eighteen years of love, laughter, arguing, and all the rest that life threw at them, they never thought retirement would be the issue that drove them apart.

And now, two years later, Roz and Kit haven’t seen or spoken to each other and Kit’s mother, Helen, has had enough of their stubbornness. And when a meddling ex-mother-in-law has had enough, there’s only one outcome—total and hilarious mayhem.

Through menopause, skydiving, and chasing their youth, Helen Weston has found a way get these two older fools back together. Heaven help everyone involved.
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Genre Romance
Pub Date
# Pages 206
Publisher Intaglio Publications
ISBN 9781935216513e
Editor Tara Young
Cover Designer Tiger Graphics

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