Second Time Around - Paperback

Second Time Around

Book Two in the amazing Across Time series is here--and they’re all back, Jessie Ferguson, Madame Ceara, Tanner, Cate and Maeve.

Jessie, who first stumbled upon a portal to the past in Across Time, reluctantly answers a call from an altogether different place and time--Elizabethan England--and to her consternation, she emerges to find herself incarnated as a male!

She’s Captain Spencer Morgan, trolling the seas in search of the same mysterious chest, unearthed from its Druid burial ground, that none other than Sir Francis Drake is hunting--a chest rumored to contain the greatest of treasures: the formula for the fabled transmutation of lead into gold. Jessie knows that the gold genie must remain in the bottle forever. But to achieve this she will have to best the great navigator Drake, outwit another relentless seeker, and, somehow, escape the lethal wrath of Drake’s formidable ally, the all-powerful Queen Elizabeth.

In helping Spencer seek something beyond riches--the soul he aches to find--Jessie will learn even more about herself and the deep responsibility she bears in her travels through time.

The Across Time series is splendid entertainment for young and old, and especially the adventurous of heart.
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Price: $14.95

Genre General Fiction, Speculative
Publisher Spinsters Ink
ISBN 9781935226031


  • This is book 2 of the Across Time series.
  • The Across Time Series is by the author of the Echo Branson Paranormal Investigations.


Just About Write

April 2009: Silva uses her ideas about past lives and travel through time to bring her readers a great story. She's done her homework well, and her descriptions of court life, ships, etc. bring a realism that adds truth to her story of adventure, treachery, and greed. Second Time Around is a great read!

February 2010: As an added benefit to this entertaining tale, we learn about history in ways that we could only wish for when we were in high school and had to memorize all those boring dates and details! A truly enjoyable second offering in an interesting series, Second Time Around lingers long after the last page is turned.

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