In the Now - eBook

In the Now - eBook

Price: $11.00
Author: Kelly Sinclair
Genre: Speculative
Pub Date: June 2012
# Pages: 164
Publisher: Blue Feather Books
ISBN-13: 9781935627852e
Cover Designer: Ann Phillips

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Psychiatrist Carla Turner sets out to disprove reincarnation. To make her point and strike a blow for science, she enlists Amy Duran, her favorite patient, for a past-life regression that Carla believes is destined to fail.

But a potent, experimental drug used for the study works all too well. Amy is swept away into her previous life as Isao Watanabe, a Japanese World War II veteran, who finds twenty-first century Austin, Texas, to be as shocking as the female body he now inhabits.

To bring back her beloved Amy, Carla must battle a powerful drug company as well as her headline-chasing former professor, a woman determined to establish that past-life regression exists. If Amy returns to the present, what happens to the charismatic Isao? Can two people—one male, one female; one dead, one alive—share the same body?

In the Now, an intuitive exploration of identity, gender, and faith, asks the thought-provoking question, what if reincarnation is a biological fact? And if it’s real, how do you face all the good and evil you’ve done—in this lifetime or your last?