30 Days Hath September - eBook

30 Days Hath September - eBook

Price: $11.00
Author: Jamie Scarrett
Genre: Action/Adventure
Pub Date: Nov-10
Publisher: Blue Feather
ISBN-13: 9781935627944e

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In 1927, Red Wolverton, Boston's only female privateinvestigator, has a penchant for men's clothing and femalelovers.

Evadne Davenport, a well-educated, wealthy, and widowedsocialite has a desire for adventure and intrigue and wouldlike nothing more than the chance to send her mother-inlawinto a screaming apoplectic fit. To that end, Evadne isdetermined to become Red's secretary.

Red hires Evadne, but the new secretary doesn't last a fullday. Then a ghastly murder prompts Red to pursue adestructive course for vengeance. Danger escalates, and Redand Evadne find themselves reunited, joining forces to copewith violence, deceit, and death.

Their friendship grows and deepens, but so does the evilthey're faced with. Will their burgeoning relationshipsurvive? Will they prevail over the dark forces that threatentheir very lives, or will an ancient force be unleashed tochange their world forever?