Nights of Silk and Sapphire - eBook

Nights of Silk and Sapphire

Abducted from a land of wealth and privilege, Dae is chained to a slaver’s caravan crossing the vast Jaharri desert. It is a strange world of blistering sun, rolling dunes, and wind-carved plains, ruled by the Scion Zafirah Al’Intisar, a powerful and mysterious woman with seductive eyes of sapphire blue.

When Zafirah liberates the caravan the rescue Dae prayed for is not as it seems; Zafirah’s carnal appetite is legendary. Dae is taken into Zafirah’s harem, a decadent world of excess and sexual freedom. At first, Dae struggles with desires she has never before experienced, but as love and lust collide these two women slowly forge a bond as one learns to listen to her heart, and the other to the call of her awakening body.
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Genre Erotica
Pub Date
# Pages 309 pages
Publisher Ylva Publishing
ISBN 9783955335137e

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