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Looking for eBooks for lesbians?

You're in the right place. You've found the largest online retailer of eBooks for lesbians covering all reading interests from dramatic fiction to thrilling mysteries and sizzling romance. We value your time and investment in your reading library, so here's some quick details we think you'd like to know.

Flexibility for the Rapidly Changing Digital Age!

Our eBooks are readable on all the major devices because we stick with the industry-standard formats. We have a format that will work with your Kindle, Nook, iPad, with apps from Kindle and Nook, most other tablets and smartphones and many other devices. When you buy a Bella eBook, you will receive a digital file that is yours forever--not just a "license to read" as with some of the large retailers. Back it up, convert it if necessary for maximum enjoyment and move it to new devices when you upgrade or change systems. We believe that our eBook digital files provide you with the greatest flexibility for a rapidly changing digital era.

How the Process Works

Your first step is selecting a format. We've included some pointers further down the page. After that the process is quick and easy.

  • Once your order is placed, you can download it immediately through your Internet connection or we're happy to send the file to your user email account the next business day.

  • Transfer to your reading device should be done following your manufacturer's instructions. Most manufacturers have a user forum where detailed technical help is available.

  • If you lose your device or files, you can redownload the files you purchased to the new device. Our customer service staff are happy to help.

  • If you upgrade to a new device, you will probably be able to convert and transfer all of your eBooks from us to a format your new device uses. See below about free Calibre software.

  • While we of course respond to email and web contact, we also have real people who answer the phone should you have an issue receiving your files.

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Question we didn't answer? Email us at ebooks(-at-)bellabooks.com.


Selecting a Format

As tablets and smartphones become more and more sophisticated, mutliple formats are increasingly compatible on the same device. For example, an Android driven smartphone or tablet can run a app to make it act like a Nook or one to act like a Kobo. Please consult your device's user forums for guidance on how to get started.
  • Reading on your desktop computer, laptop or similar and nothing else? Choose PDF. This is because PDFs display the pages of a book exactly as they were designed, so it looks just like the original book. With other formats, pages can look different sometimes radically different when displayed. Visit Adobe for the latest version and information. But before you decide, read below about ePub format, also by Adobe.

  • Have a handheld device specifically designed to read eBooks? Then choose something other than PDF from the list below. Small screens especially don't fare well with PDF.

  • MOBI: A large number of readers and devices work with MOBI format (.prc files). The Mobi User Forum has detailed information and links to the right app downloads for different devices. Our MOBI formats are, at a minimum, compatible with:
    • Kindle
    • iPad and other Apple devices, via Calibre (see below)
    • Kobo Readers
    • Android OS devices, via reading apps for your device available through Google Play
    • Palm OS
    • JavaME
    • Psion
    • Pocket PC (versions 2000/2002/WM 2003/WM 2005/WM 6)
    • Windows mobile-based Smartphones
    • Symbian OS (Series 6, UIQ, Series 80, Series 90)
    • Blackberry: Firmware 3.7 or higher (all recent). Handhelds 5800, 6500, 6700, 6200, 7100, 7200, 7500 series can be upgraded to firmware 3.7 if needed, except 5810/5820, 6750, and 6710 (with only 8MB of flash) devices.
    • Iliad by iRex: Mobi software is preinstalled.
    • Cybook Gen3 by Bookeen: Mobi software is preinstalled.
    • In addition, Mobi offers Mobi Desktop which can be used to read and manage files on your computer. It can import a number of other formats (like PDF) and display them with Mobi software.

  • ePub format is the new "PDF" developed by Adobe, and read by their Digital Editions software. Because PDFs are not as flexible as most users would like, Adobe developed this new standard that allows the file to reflow regardless of screen size. There is a growing list of devices an apps that use ePub, including:
    • Your computer, netbook, laptop, anything running Windows or MacOS.
    • Nook by Barnes and Noble. The Nook will also read PDFs, but users report that ePub is more flexible, especially if changing the font size matters.
    • Sony Readers, which will also work with Sony format, of course.
    • Kobo Readers
    • Android OS devices, via reading apps for the device available through Google Play.
    • iPad and other Apple devices, using the iBook app.

  • Calibre is for more sophisticated users, allowing conversions of a wide variety of formats to other formats with minimal corruption. Many users report Calibre as worth the investment of time it takes to learn it since in addition to converting, it creates a library of your eBooks you can search and browse. You can read about Calibre at their site.

The information and links we've provided are based on information available to us at the web sites we've noted. We encourage you to read the manufacturers' instructions, disclaimers and information before downloading any software or making any changes to your systems.

Do not trust sites that offer converted files or offer to convert your files. Downloads from unauthorized locations are known to contain viruses and cause loss of data. Please read legally!