Scratch and Dent Books

Welcome to our Scratch & Dent sale section. The books listed here are a great price because they have been returned as overstock from a bookstore and cannot be sold as new. Copies may be scratched, shelf worn, yellowed, or otherwise 'hurt'. Quantities are limited. Titles updated frequently so check back often. Authors receive full royalties on these sales! All sales final.
s&d: Book of Eleanor, The
The Book of Eleanor

Nat Burns
s&d: Call of the Dark, The
The Call of the Dark

Therese Szymanski (ed)
s&d: Date Night Club
Date Night Club

Saxon Bennett
s&d: Distance Learning
Distance Learning

Lyn Dowland
s&d: Ditched

Josie Gordon
s&d: Echo Location
Echo Location

Linda Kay Silva
s&d: Facades

Alex Marcoux
s&d: Furthest City Light, The
The Furthest City Light

Jeanne Winer
s&d: InSight of the Seer
InSight of the Seer

Linda Andersson & Sara Marx
s&d: Lessons in Murder
Lessons in Murder

Claire McNab
s&d: Meridio's Daughter
Meridio's Daughter

LJ Maas
s&d: O'Malley Legacy, The
The O'Malley's Legacy

Kate Sweeney
s&d: One Degree of Separation
One Degree of Separation

Karin Kallkmaker
s&d: Petra's Canvas
Petra's Canvas

Ann Roberts
s&d: Racing Toward Providence
Racing Toward Providence

Laurel Mills
s&d: Training Days
Training Days

Jane Frances
s&d: When an Echo Returns
When an Echo Returns

Linda Kay Silva