Scratch and Dent Books

Welcome to our Scratch & Dent sale section. The books listed here are a great price because they have been returned as overstock from a bookstore and cannot be sold as new. Copies may be scratched, shelf worn, yellowed, or otherwise 'hurt'. Quantities are limited. Titles updated frequently so check back often. Authors receive full royalties on these sales! All sales final.
s&d: Back to Salem
Back to Salem

Alex Marcoux
s&d: Dream Lover
Dream Lover

Lyn Denison
s&d: Dreams Found
Dreams Found

Lyn Denison
s&d: Echo Location
Echo Location

Linda Kay Silva
s&d: Frozen Echo
Frozen Echo

Linda Kay Silva
s&d: Grassy Flats
Grassy Flats

Penny Hayes
s&d: Higher Ground
Higher Ground

Saxon Bennett
s&d: Liar's Moon
Liar's Moon

Kate Sweeney
s&d: Life's Surprises
Life's Surprises

Jackie Calhoun
s&d: Past Remembering
Past Remembering

Lyn Denison
s&d: Perfect Romance, A
A Perfect Romance

Layce Gardner
s&d: Safe Place to Sleep, A
A Safe Place to Sleep

Jennifer L. Jordan
s&d: Tats

Layce Gardner
s&d: Twilight Club, The
The Twilight Club

Ann O'Leary writing as Annabel West