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Action / Adventure

Tangled Mark

Becky Harmon

Gun Brooke
Cross Purposes

Gina L. Dartt
Blood Legacy

Sheryl Wright

Erotica Titles

Fantasy / Speculative Titles

General Fiction Titles

Rainbow Gap

Lee Lynch
Cash Braddock

Ashley Bartlett
Roberta's Fire

Kelly Sinclair
Life in Death

M. Ullrich
The Long Weekend

Clare Lydon

Historical Fiction

Over There

Rachel Windsor
Alaskan Bride

D Jordan Redhawk
The Sisterhood

Penelope Friday
When Butches Cry

Genta Sebastian

Mystery / Suspense / Intrigue Titles


T.L. Hart
Saddled with Murder

Barbara Treat Williams
Into Thin Air

Jeannie Levig
The Lavender List

Meg Harrington

Non Fiction Titles

Poetry Titles

In and Out of Love

Shelley Thrasher
Becoming Me

Shelia Powell
I.V. Poems

Lucy J. Madison

Nat Burns

Romance Titles

New Additions

Becky Harmon
Night Voice

CF Frizzell
Of Sea and Stars

Melissa Good
Chef's Special

Susan X Meagher
Scissor Link

Georgette Kaplan
Next Time

Erin O'Reilly

Short Story Anthologies

Summer Love: Stories of Lesbian Holiday Romance

Harper Bliss & Caroline Manchoulas (editors)
Points of Departure

Emily O'Beirne
Finding Ms. Write

Jae & Jove Belle
Order Up

R.G. Emanuelle & Andi Marquette
Opposites Attract: Five Clashing Tales of Lesbian Lust

Erzabet Bishop, Laila Blake, Harper Bliss, Cheyenne Blue, Lucy Felthouse

Young Adult Titles

18 Months

Samantha Boyette
Training Ground

Kate Christie
Deep Water

Betsey Odell
Here's the Thing

Emily O'Beirne