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Liar's Moon

Kate Sweeney
Liberty Square

Katherine V. Forrest
Lichii Ba'Cho

D Jordan Redhawk
The Lies That Bind

Susan X Meagher
Life After Love

KG MacGregor
Life in Death

M. Ullrich
Life's Surprises

Jackie Calhoun

Susan X Meagher

Jackie Calhoun
Lightning Strikes

Cass Sellars
Lights and Sirens

Jeanine Hoffman
Like Jazz

Heather Blackmore
Like Lovers Do

Lori L. Lake
Lily of the Tower

Elizabeth Hart
Line of Sight

Ali Spooner
Little Butch Book

Leslea Newman
Locked Inside

Annette Mori
London Calling

Clare Lydon
The Lone Hunt

Radclyffe writing as L.L. Raand
Lone Ranger

VK Powell
Long Shot

D. Jackson Leigh
The Long Trail

Penny Hayes
The Long Way Home

Rachel Spangler
The Long Weekend

Clare Lydon
Longitude: Zero-Degrees

Dianne C. Stewart
Looking for Julie

Jackie Calhoun
Looking Through Windows

Caren J. Werlinger
Losers, Weepers

Jessica Thomas
Losing Hold

Kellie Doherty
Lost Daughters

J.M. Redmann
Lost Treasures

Jazzy Mitchell
Love & Honor

Love Another Day

Regina Hanel
Love at Last

Kate Sweeney
Love by the Numbers

Karin Kallmaker
Love Down Under

MJ Williamz
Love in Disaster

Charlotte Greene
Love in E Flat

Kate Sweeney
Love Match

Ali Vali
Love on Call

Love on Liberty

MJ Williamz
Love on Location

Lisa Girolami