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Gabrielle Goldsby
Pedal to the Metal

Jesse J. Thoma
A Perfect Match

Erin Dutton
The Perfect Valentine

Barbara Johnson and Therese Szymanski (Ed)
A Perilous Advantage

Natalie Barney
Personal Foul

Lucy J. Madison
Petra's Canvas

Ann Roberts
Phoenix Rising

Rebecca Harwell
Piano Lessons

Harper Bliss
Picking Up The Pace

Kimberly LaFontaine
Piece of Cake

Gun Brooke

G Benson

Jennifer Harris

Brenda Adcock
Piper's Someday

Ruth Perkinson

Carrie Carr
Piping Her Tune

Maggie Brown
A Pirate's Heart

Catherine Friend
Pitifully Ugly

Robin Alexander
Place of Exile

Rose Beecham
A Place to Rest

Erin Dutton

Robbi Sommers
Playing for First

Chris Paynter
Playing in Shadow

Lesley Davis
Please Baby

S.L. Kassidy
Please Forgive Me

Megan Carter
The Pleasure Set

Lisa Girolami
Points of Departure

Emily O'Beirne
Polar Shift

Laila Blake
Popcorn Love

KL Hughes
Possessing Morgan

Erica Lawson
Power Play

Julie Cannon
The Practitioner

Ronica Black
Prairie Fire

Kayt Peck
The Presence

Charlene Neil
Preying on Generosity

Kimberly LaFontaine
Pride & Joy

M.L. Rice