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Please Baby

S.L. Kassidy
Please Forgive Me

Megan Carter
The Pleasure Set

Lisa Girolami
Points of Departure

Emily O'Beirne
Polar Shift

Laila Blake
Popcorn Love

KL Hughes
Possessing Morgan

Erica Lawson
Power Play

Julie Cannon
Prairie Fire

Kayt Peck
The Presence

Charlene Neil
Preying on Generosity

Kimberly LaFontaine
Pride & Joy

M.L. Rice
Privacy Glass

Missouri Vaun
Private Dancer

TJ Vertigo
The Promise

JM Dragon
Psychic eStory

Claire McNab
Pulse Points

Barbara Valletto
Punishment with Kisses

Diane Anderson-Minshall
Puppy Love

L.T. Smith
The Purveyor

Karelia Stetz-Waters
Put Away Wet

Susan Smith
The Pyramid Waltz

Barbara Ann Wright
Qualities of Light

Mary Carroll Moore

Susan X Meagher
Queens of Tristaine

Cate Culpepper
Queerly Beloved

Diane & Jacob Anderson-Minshall
A Question of Ghosts

Cate Culpepper
The Quickening

Yvonne Heidt
A Quiet Death

Cari Hunter
Quiet Place eStory

Karin Kallmaker

Dianne C. Stewart