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Season of the Cold Moon

Dianne C. Stewart
Season of the Wolf

Robin Summers
Second Chances

Lynne Norris
The Second Sister

Rae D. Magdon
Second to None

L.T. Marie
The Second Wave

Jean Copeland
Secret City

Julia Watts
Secret Hearts

Secret Lies

Amy Dunne
A Secret to Tell

Ann Roberts
The Secret Unknown

Dillon Watson
Secrets So Deep

KG MacGregor
The Seeker

Ronica Black
Selective Memory

Jennifer L. Jordan
Send Me an Angel eStory

Tracey Richardson
Seneca Falls

Jesse J. Thoma

Jackie Calhoun
Serious Potential

Maggie Cummings
The Set Piece

Catherine Lane
The Settlement

Ali Spooner
A Seven-Turtle Day

Catherine Ennis
Sex & Skateboards

Ashley Bartlett
Shadow Box

Kim Pritekel
Shadow Dancer eStory

Barbara Johnson
Shadow Hunt

Radclyffe writing as L.L. Raand
Shadow Magic

Moondancer Drake
Shadow of the Knife

Jane Fletcher
Shadow Point

Amy Briant

Shadows of Something Real

Sophia Kell Hagin
The Shaken Series

KG MacGregor
Shared Winds

Kenna White

Leslie Murray
She Waits

Kate Sweeney
She Who Must be Obeyed

D. L. King (ed)
She Wolf

Sheri Lewis Wohl
Shelter From the Storm

Peggy J. Herring
Sheltered Love

MJ Williamz