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The Shewstone

Jane Fletcher
The Shoal of Time

J.M. Redmann
Shots Fired

MJ Williamz
The Side Door

Jan Donley
Side Effects

VK Powell
Side Order of Love

Tracey Richardson
Sierra City

Gerri Hill
Sign on the Line

Jaime Clevenger
Silent Words

Joan Drury

Lauren Wright Douglas
Silver Collar

Gill McKnight
Silver Lining

Diana Simmonds
Simple Pleasures

Kenna White
Sing Me Home

Shannon O'Brien
Sins of Our Fathers

A. Rose Mathieu
The Sisterhood

Penelope Friday

Sisters' Flight

jeanne G'Fellers
Sisters' Treasure

Mary Jane Russell
Sistene Heresy

Justine Saracen
Skin Deep

Kenna White
Skin to Skin

Martha Miller
Slash and Burn

Valerie Bronwen
Slay Me Tender

Jenny Scholten
Sleep of Reason

Rose Beecham
Sleeping Beauty, Indeed

JoSelle Vanderhooft
Sleeping Bones

Katherine V. Forrest
Sleeping Dogs Lie

E.J. Cochrane
Slices of Life

Georgia Beers

Carsen Taite
Slow Burn

Marlene Leach
Smoke and Fire

Julie Cannon
Smokey O

Celia Cohen
Smooth Sailing

Susan X Meagher
The Sniper's Kiss

Justine Saracen
Snow Angel

Ronica Black
Snow Falls

Gerri Hill
Snow Globe

Georgia Beers
Snow Moon Rising

Lori L. Lake

Cari Hunter
Soiled Dove

Brenda Adcock

Kate Christie
Someone to Watch

Jaye Maiman