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The Storm

Shelley Thrasher

Gerri Hill
Stormy Waters

Melissa Good
A Story of Now

Emily O'Beirne
The Story Thief

Shari McNally
Stowe Away

Blythe Rippon

Blayne Cooper
The Strange Path

D Jordan Redhawk
Stranger than Fiction

Jeanine Hoffman
Strangers in the Night

Barbara Johnson
Strawberry Summer

Melissa Brayden
Street Rules

Baxter Clare
Strength in Numbers

Jeanine Hoffman
Substitute for Love

Karin Kallmaker
Such A Pretty Face

Gabrielle Goldsby
Such Happiness as This

Laina Villeneuve
Sudden Loss of Serenity

Jacqueline Wallen

Karin Kallmaker
Summer '69

MJ Williamz
Summer Love: Stories of Lesbian Holiday Romance

Harper Bliss & Caroline Manchoulas (editors)
Summer of Love

Susan X Meagher
Summer Passion

MJ Williamz
Summer Winds

Andrews & Austin
Summer's End

Harper Bliss
Summoning Shadows

Winter Pennington
Sumter Point

KG MacGregor

Nell Stark & Trinity Tam
Sunset Island

AJ Adaire
Survival of Love

Frankie J. Jones
Survive the Dawn

Kate Sweeney
Surviving Madness

Betty Berzon
Swans & Klons

Nora Olsen

Nene Adams
Sweet Angel

Karen D. Badger
Sweet Creek

Lee Lynch
Sweet Hearts

Melissa Brayden, Rachel Spangler, and Karis Walsh
Sweet Seductions

Erzabet Bishop
Sweet, Sweet Wine

Jaime Clevenger

D. Jackson Leigh

Carsen Taite

Andrea Bramhall

Susan X Meagher
T-Minus Two

KG MacGregor