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Vellmar the Blade

Fletcher DeLancey
Venus Besieged

Andrews & Austin
Venus in Love

Tina Michele
Venus Rising

Ali Spooner
Vera's Still Point

Ruth Perkinson

Anne Laughlin
Vermilion Justice

Sheri Lewis Wohl
Vestiges of Flames

Lyn McConchie
Virgin Territory

Kenna White

Larkin Rose
Voices of the Heart

Frankie J. Jones
Vortex of Crimson

Lise MacTague
Vulture's Kiss

Justine Saracen
Waiting in the Wings

Melissa Brayden
A Walk Away

Lacey Schmidt

T.L. Hart
Walking the Labyrinth

Lois Cloarec Hart
Wall of Silence

Gabrielle Goldsby
The War Within

Yolanda Wallace
Warm November

Kathleen Knowles
Warming Trend

Karin Kallmaker
Warriors of Isis

Stewart, Jean
Water Mark

J.M. Redmann

Karin Kallmaker
The Way Life Should Be

Diana Tremain Braund
The Wedding Party

Tracey Richardson
The Weekend Visitor

Thomas, Jessica
Weeping Walls

Hill, Gerri
West of Nowhere

KG MacGregor

Gordon, Josie
What She Saw

J. S. Frankel
Whatever Gods May Be

Sophia Kell Hagin
When Butches Cry

Genta Sebastian
When Evil Changes Face

Therese Szymanski
When First We Practice

Therese Szymanski
When Good Girls Go Bad

Therese Szymanski
When It's All Relative

Therese Szymanski
When the Corpse Lies

Therese Szymanski
When the Dancing Stops

Therese Szymanski
When We Were Outlaws

Jeanne Córdova
When We Were Young

Jackie Calhoun