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VK Powell

Sara Marx
Deep Merge

Linda North
Deep Water

Betsey Odell

Ronica Black
A Deeper Blue

Regina Hanel
Deerhaven Pines

Diana McRae
Defensive Mindset

Wendy Temple
Delay of Game

Tracey Richardson

Terri Breneman
The Demon Abraxas

Rachel Calish
The Demon Gabriella

Rachel Calish
Demons are Forever

Kim Baldwin & Xenia Alexiou

Jackie Kennedy
Depths of Blue

Lise MacTague

Julie Cannon
Desert Blooms

Dannie Marsden
Desert Places

Erica Abbott
Desire at Dawn

Fiona Zedde
Desolation Point

Cari Hunter
Desperate Measures

PJ Trebelhorn
Destination Alara

S.Y. Thompson
Destiny's Bridge

Carrie Carr
The Details in the Design

Shannon M. Harris
Devil in Disguise

Robin Alexander
The Devil You Know

Castle, Marie
Devil's Rock

Gerri Hill
The Devil's Tree

Ali Spooner
Dian's Ghost

Justine Saracen
Different Dress

Lori L. Lake
The Diplomat

Sophia French
Dirty Money

Ashley Bartlett
Dirty Power

Ashley Bartlett
Dirty Sex

Ashley Bartlett

Susan X Meagher
Disorderly Attachments

Jennifer L. Jordan
Dispatch to Death

Martha Miller
Distant Thunder

Peggy J. Herring

Gordon, Josie