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High Impact

Kim Baldwin
High Risk

JLee Meyer
Hold Me Forever

D. Jackson Leigh
Home for the Holidays

Mavis Applewater
Homecoming (Brisk)

Susan X Meagher

Nell Stark

Shelia Ortiz-Taylor


Susan X Meagher
Honor Bound

Honor Guards


Jaime Maddox
Hope's Path

Carrie Carr
Hot Check

Peggy J. Herring
Hot Line

Alison Grey
Hotel Liaison

JLee Meyer
House of Clouds

KI Thompson
How Sweet It Is

Melissa Brayden
How to Wrangle a Woman

Susan X Meagher
Hunter's Pursuit

Kim Baldwin
Hunter's Way

Gerri Hill
Hurricane Days

Renée J. Lukas
Hurricane Season

BJ Phillips
Hurricane Watch

Melissa Good
I Dare You

Larkin, Rose
I Left My Heart

Maiman, Jaye
I Love You Again

Kate Sweeney
I Remember

Julie Cannon
I Still Remember

Harper Bliss
I.V. Poems

Lucy J. Madison

Nat Burns
If I Were A Boy

Erin O'Reilly
If Looks Could Kill

Andi Marquette
If No One's Looking

Jennifer L. Jordan
Ill Will

J.M. Redmann
Illicit Artifacts

Stevie Mikayne
Illusive Witness

S. Y. Thompson
Immortal Longings - A Vampire Novel

Diane DeKelb-Rittenhouse
The Impasse

Franci McMahon
Imperfect Truth

C.A. Popovich