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The Raid

Lee Lynch
Rainbow Gap

Lee Lynch
Rainbow Inn

J. Summers
Rangers at Roadsend

Jane Fletcher

AC Henley & Fran Heckrotte
Raven Mask

Winter Pennington
Re: Building Sasha

S. Renee Bess
Ready for Love

Erin O'Reilly
Ready or Not

Melissa Brayden
Reality Bytes

Jane Frances
Reasonable Doubt

Carsen Taite
Rebel's Quest

Gun Brooke
The Red Files

Lee Winter
Red Light

JD Glass
Reece's Faith

TJ Vertigo
Reece's Star

TJ Vertigo
Reflected Passion

Erica Lawson
Reiko's Garden

Brenda Adcock
Relative Stranger

Barbara Treat Williams
Relative-ly Speaking

Karen D. Badger
Reluctant Hope

Erin Dutton
Remember Me

Melanie Batchelor
Remember Tomorrow

Gabrielle Goldsby

Cheyne Curry

Susan X Meagher
Reporter on the Run

Carlene Miller
Requiem for Vukovar

Angela Koenig
Rescue Me

Julie Cannon
Rescue Me (Ylva Publishing)

Michelle L. Teichman
Rescued Heart

Georgia Beers
Residual Moon

Kate Sweeney
Rest Home Runaways

Clifford Henderson
Retirement Plan

Martha Miller