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Sawmill Springs - Paperback
Sawmill Springs

Gerri Hill
May 2017
Choosing Love - Paperback
Choosing Love

MB Panichi
May 2017
Nico & Tucker - Paperback
Nico & Tucker

Rachel Gold
May 2017
Winder Path, The - Paperback
The Winder Path

Lyn Dowland
May 2017
Taken In - Paperback
Taken In

Erica Abbott
June 2017
Water's Edge - Paperback
Water's Edge

Genevieve Fortin
June 2017
Five Moons Rising - Paperback
Five Moons Rising

Lise MacTague
June 2017
Moment of Weakness - Paperback
Moment of Weakness

KG MacGregor
July 2017
No More Pretending - Paperback
No More Pretending

Bette Hawkins
July 2017
In Her Eyes - Paperback
In Her Eyes

Renee J. Lukas
July 2017
Skin in the Game - Paperback
Skin in the Game

Melissa Price
July 2017
Fire Dancer - Paperback
Fire Dancer

Micheala Lynn
August 2017
Fugitive's Kiss, A - Paperback
A Fugitive's Kiss

Jaime Clevenger
August 2017
Pixie - Paperback

D Jordan Redhawk
August 2017
Time to Speak, A  - Paperback
A Time to Speak

Riley Scott
September 2017
Illegal Contact - Paperback
Illegal Contact

Becky Harmon
September 2017
Dreams Unspoken - Paperback
Dreams Unspoken

RJ Layer
September 2017