Matter of Blood, A - eBook

A Matter of Blood

Outlaw Torri Rendego can't shake her past, which most often involves Kai Tinsdale, her former Academy bunk mate and now commander in the hated Coalition forces. She's convinced the Coalition is up to no good on Kai's family holdings and decides to investigate. Problem is, the Coalition is definitely up to something, and Torri and the crew of the Far Seek have to pursue an outrageous plan to gather information and pass it along to Kai somehow.

But even the best-laid plans can go dangerously awry, especially where Kai's concerned. Risking herself, her crew, and a tenuous tie to a shared history, Torri goes deep into Coalition territory to uncover a secret with far-reaching consequences for a distant and ancient culture. The stakes of this venture may prove way too high, even for a gambler like Torri.

Far Seek Chronicles 2
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Genre Speculative
Pub Date
# Pages 200
Publisher Bedazzled Ink
ISBN 9781934452578e

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