New Releases

Stay with Me - eBook
Stay with Me

Sheryl Wright
No One But You - eBook
No One But You

Catherine Maiorisi
Secret Hearts - eBook
Secret Hearts

Love in Disaster - eBook
Love in Disaster

Charlotte Greene
Troop 18 - eBook
Troop 18

Jessica L. Webb
Sniper's Kiss, The - eBook
The Sniper's Kiss

Justine Saracen
Fury's Bridge - eBook
Fury's Bridge

Brey Willows
Lightning Strikes - eBook
Lightning Strikes

Cass Sellars
Sins of Our Fathers - eBook
Sins of Our Fathers

A. Rose Mathieu
Lavender Dreams - eBook
Lavender Dreams

Diana Sue Wellspring
Pausing - eBook

Renee MacKenzie
Change of Heart, A - eBook
A Change of Heart

Jane DiLucchio
Truth or Fiction - eBook
Truth or Fiction

Jeanine Hoffman
Delay of Game - eBook
Delay of Game

Tracey Richardson
Party Favors - eBook
Party Favors

Jaime Clevenger
Consequences - eBook

Sarah Libero
Becoming You - eBook
Becoming You

Michelle Grubb
Impasse, The - eBook
The Impasse

Franci McMahon
Birthright - eBook

Missouri Vaun
Love Down Under - eBook
Love Down Under

MJ Williamz
Privacy Glass - eBook
Privacy Glass

Missouri Vaun
End, The - eBook
The End

Roselle Graskey and Cheyne Curry
Termination, The - eBook
The Termination

Annette Mori
Dark Horse (Ylva) - eBook
Dark Horse

A.L. Brooks
Finding Fire - eBook
Finding Fire

Shelia Powell & Liz McMullen
United - eBook

Susan X Meagher
Madam President - eBook
Madam President

Blayne Cooper & T. Novan
First Lady - eBook
First Lady

Blayne Cooper & T. Novan