Requiem for Vukovar

by Angela Koenig

Summer, 1991: Europe stands on the verge of its most violent crisis since World War II. Yugoslavia is crumbling and two of its republics, Croatia and Serbia, are reverting to an historic hostility. Aware of the gathering storm, Jeri agrees to escort Alenka, the sister of a friend, away from Vukovar, a small Croatian city.

Jeri plots a course that ought to be a quick drive, but instead, plunges them into a civil war, and they find themselves afoot with other fleeing refugees. Kelly and Jeri finally reach their destination only to find that Alenka is reluctant to leave her home and friends. Too soon, the avenues of their escape shut down.

In an epic siege largely ignored by the wider world, Kelly, who was prepared to give up comforts and certainties when she became part of Jeri’s nomadic life, encounters more than physical danger. Her ability to maintain her core integrity is assaulted by the inevitable ugliness of war. For Jeri, the true battle is confronting her attraction to violence as she struggles against losing herself in the exhilaration of combat.

Refractions Series book 3.




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Genre Adventure, Suspense
Length 74,751 words
Publication Date October 2015
Publisher Affinity eBook Press
ISBN 9780908351176e
Editor Nat Burns
Cover Designer Irish Dragon Designs

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