by Storm

Artist Parker Lee has lost her Mojo. Her art is bland, her energy level is low and her revolving bedroom door hasn’t moved in far too long. And then Lucky comes into her life.

A 2003 Harley, Lucky is integral to Parker’s plans to reclaim her Mojo. Setting off for glorious Lake Tahoe for the summer, she’s going to focus on her painting. She doesn’t expect her granddaughter, Jackson, to beg for asylum from a long-running conflict with her stuffy, conservative mother.

She also doesn’t expect her ex Ali to track her down, or for Ali’s passionate intentions to make Parker forget why they ever broke up. Her uninhibited attraction to her sexy neighbor-for-the-summer Tricia is equally disconcerting. Bikers, babes, backs, and badges…the summer is not going to be anything like she expected.

Storm is the nom de plume of the award-winning author Linda Kay Silva.



Genre Romance
Length 246
Publication Date August 2012
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932793
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Kiaro Creative



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