Discover Your Next Book

  • Leverage by E. J. Noyes $9.99
  • A Carol for Karol by Ann Roberts $9.99
  • Kringle Falls by Lynn Oliver Hudson $9.99
  • Rivals for Love by Ali Vali $9.99
  • Ride with Me by Jenna Jarvis $9.99
  • An Atlas to Forever by Krystina Rivers $9.99
  • A Talent Ignited by Suzanne Lenoir $8.99
  • Bait and Switch by Clifford Mae Henderson $9.99
  • Buried Secrets by Sheri Lewis Wohl $9.99
  • Come Find Me in the Midnight Sun by Bailey Bridgewater $9.99
  • Death on the Water by CJ Birch $9.99
  • Living for You by Jenny Frame $9.99
  • The Heart of the Banshee by Carolyn Elizabeth $9.99
  • In Bloom by Kat Jackson $9.99
  • Change of Heart by Linda Hill $9.99
  • Sweat Equity by Aurora Rey $9.99
  • Taking the Plunge by Amanda Radley $9.99
  • We Met in a Bar by Claire Forsythe $9.99
  • Western Blue by Suzie Clarke $9.99
  • Windswept by Patricia Evans $9.99
  • I Know About You by Erin Kaste $9.99
  • Mate of Her Own by Elena Abbott $9.99
  • Pumpkin Spice by Tagan Shepard $9.99
  • Hands of the Morri by Heather K O'Malley $9.99
  • The Apple Diary by Gerri Hill $9.99
  • Whiskey War by Stacy Lynn Miller $9.99
  • Lies are Forever by C. Jean Downer $9.99
  • Fire in the Sky by Radclyffe and Julie Cannon $18.95
  • Playing with Matches by Georgia Beers $18.95
  • Limelight by Gun Brooke $18.95
  • The Memories of Marlie Rose by Morgan Lee Miller $19.95
  • The Murders at Sugar Mill Farm by Ronica Black $19.95
  • Coasting and Crashing by Ana Hartnett $18.95
  • Every Beat of Her Heart by KC Richardson $18.95
  • Grave Consequences by Sandra Barret $18.95
  • Haunted by Myth by Barbara Ann Wright $19.95
  • A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing by Amy Allen $9.99
  • Murder on Castaway Island by Alicia Gael $9.99
  • Moonbreak by Lise MacTague $9.99
  • Falling All In by Laina Villeneuve $9.99
  • Season of Eclipse by Terry Wolverton $9.99
  • Tile M for Murder by Felicia Carparelli $9.99
  • Out There by Iris Eliot $9.99
  • Antarctica by Katherine Rupley $9.99
  • Last Barrel by Stacy Lynn Miller $9.99
  • Here Come the Brides by Micheala Lynn $9.99
  • Better Than That by Frances Lucas $9.99
  • Houseswap 101 by Jaime Clevenger $9.99

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