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  • Unusual Minds by Tracie Hollis $9.99
  • Hounded by E.J. Cochrane $9.99
  • Under the Stars with You by Jaime Clevenger $9.99
  • Lucky in Lace by Melissa Brayden $9.99
  • Made for Her by Carsen Taite $9.99
  • Off the Menu by Alaina Erdell $9.99
  • Pack of Her Own by Elena Abbott $9.99
  • Return to McCall by Patricia Evans $9.99
  • So It Went Like This by C. Spencer $9.99
  • Stolen Kiss by Spencer Greene $9.99
  • The Fall Line by Kelly Wacker $9.99
  • To Meet Again by Kaydan $9.99
  • Kiss Shot by Carolyn Elizabeth $9.99
  • Paradise Pending by Kris Purdy $9.99
  • Amid Secrets by Stacy Lynn Miller $9.99
  • Maybe, Probably by Amanda Radley $9.99
  • Before She Was Mine by Emma L McGeown $9.99
  • Dark Truths by Sandra Barret $4.99
  • Double Jeopardy by Carsen Taite $4.99
  • My Forever Girl by Jenny Frame $4.99
  • On the Rocks by Ali Vali $4.99
  • Desires Unleashed by Renee Roman $9.99
  • Chasing Cypress by Ana Hartnett Reichardt $9.99
  • The One by C.A. Popovich $9.99
  • (Un)finished by Kim Hoover $9.99
  • Leading Lady by Bette Hawkins $9.99
  • Curious Minds by Rachel Gold $9.99
  • Training Horses and Hearts by Nicole Gustafson $9.99
  • Integrity by E. J. Noyes $9.99
  • The Missing Piece by Kat Jackson $9.99
  • They Ain't Proper by M.B. Guel $9.99
  • Is She Lying by Frances Lucas $9.99
  • The Order by TJ O'Shea $9.99
  • Hunter's Revenge by Gerri Hill $9.99
  • Love Among the Ruins by Catherine Maiorisi $9.99
  • An Acquired Taste by Cheri Ritz $9.99

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