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New Releases From Bella

The Roundabout
by Gerri Hill

Two Kinds of Elizabeth
by Genevieve Fortin

Blind Side of the Moon
by Blayne Cooper

At All Costs
by Micheala Lynn

Saddled with Murder
by Barbara Treat Williams

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Upcoming Releases Available For Pre-Order

Ask, Tell - Paperback
Ask, Tell

E. J. Noyes
New Additions - Paperback
New Additions

Becky Harmon
Erased - Paperback

Robbi McCoy
Constellations - Paperback

Meghan Diane
Quiet Death, A - Paperback
A Quiet Death

Cari Hunter
Escape - Paperback

Gun Brooke
Night Voice - Paperback
Night Voice

CF Frizzell
Buried Heart - Paperback
Buried Heart

Laydin Michaels
Genuine Gold - Paperback
Genuine Gold

Ann Aptaker
She Wolf - Paperback
She Wolf

Sheri Lewis Wohl
Into Thin Air - Paperback
Into Thin Air

Jeannie Levig

New Releases

Roundabout, The - eBook
The Roundabout

Gerri Hill
December 5, 2016
Two Kinds of Elizabeth - eBook
Two Kinds of Elizabeth

Genevieve Fortin
December 5, 2016
Blind Side of the Moon - eBook
Blind Side of the Moon

Blayne Cooper
December 5, 2016
At All Costs - eBook
At All Costs

Micheala Lynn
December 5, 2016
Saddled with Murder - eBook
Saddled with Murder

Barbara Treat Williams
December 5, 2016
Christmas Santa - Single eStory
Christmas Santa eStory

Becky Harmon
December 2016
Swelter - eBook

D. Jackson Leigh
December 5, 2016
Without Justice - eBook
Without Justice

Carsen Taite
December 5, 2016
Arrested Hearts - eBook
Arrested Hearts

Holly Stratimore
December 5, 2016
Counting to Zero - eBook
Counting to Zero

AJ Quinn
December 5, 2016
Courageous Love - eBook
Courageous Love

KC Richardson
December 5, 2016
Capturing Jessica - eBook
Capturing Jessica

Jane Hardee
December 5, 2017
Steel and Promise - eBook
Steel and Promise

Alex Black
December 5, 2016
Rainbow Gap - eBook
Rainbow Gap

Lee Lynch
December 5, 2016
Pathogen - eBook

Jessica L. Webb
December 5, 2016
18 Months - eBook
18 Months

Samantha Boyette
December 5, 2016
One More Reason to Leave Orlando - eBook
One More Reason to Leave Orlando

Missouri Vaun
December 5, 2016
Magic Found in Chaos, The - eBook
The Magic Found in Chaos

Sharon G. Clark
January 2017
Leaving Normal: Adventures in Gender - eBook
Leaving Normal: Adventures in Gender

Rae Theodore
January 2017
In and Out of Love - eBook
In and Out of Love

Shelley Thrasher
December 2016
Chef's Special - eBook
Chef's Special

Susan X Meagher
December 2016
Scissor Link - eBook
Scissor Link

Georgette Kaplan
December 2016
Catalyst - eBook

Fletcher DeLancey
December 2016
When Butches Cry - eBook
When Butches Cry

Genta Sebastian
December 2016
Punk Like Me - eBook
Punk Like Me

JD Glass
December 2016
Something in the Wine - eBook
Something in the Wine

December 2016
Dare to Stay - eBook
Dare to Stay

Georgia Beers
December 9, 2016
Secret of Stone Creek - eBook
Secret of Stone Creek

Natalie London
December 2016
Open Your Heart - eBook
Open Your Heart

Ali Spooner
December 2016
Incident at Elder Creek - eBook
Incident at Elder Creek

Anna Furtado
December 2016
Fragrance of Reflection, The - eBook
The Fragrance of Reflection

A.L. Duncan
December 2016
Over There - eBook
Over There

Rachel Windsor
December 2016
One in the Hand - eBook
One in the Hand

Caitlin Drake
November 17, 2016
Mother of Souls - eBook
Mother of Souls

Heather Rose Jones
November 17, 2016
Walk-in - eBook

T.L. Hart
November 17, 2016
INDOMITABLE: The Life of Barbara Grier - eBook
INDOMITABLE: The Life of Barbara Grier

Joanne Passet
November 17, 2016
Casey's Capture - Single Short Story
Casey's Capture eStory

Becky Harmon
November 17, 2016
Alpennia Series Bundle - eBook
Alpennia Series Bundle

Heather Rose Jones
November 17, 2016
Love on Call - eBook
Love on Call

November 17, 2016
Lone Ranger - eBook
Lone Ranger

VK Powell
November 17, 2016
Two Souls - eBook
Two Souls

Kathleen Knowles
November 17, 2016
21 Questions - eBook
21 Questions

Mason Dixon
November 17, 2016
Palette for Love, A - eBook
A Palette for Love

Charolette Green
November 17, 2016
Gravity - eBook

Juliann Rich
November 17, 2016
Death by Cocktail Straw - eBook
Death by Cocktail Straw

Missouri Vaun
November 17, 2016
Cash Braddock - eBook
Cash Braddock

Ashley Bartlett
November 17, 2016
Never Enough - eBook
Never Enough

Robyn Nyx
November 17, 2016
By the Dark of Her Eyes - eBook
By the Dark of Her Eyes

Cameron MacElvee
November 17, 2016
Of Sea and Stars - eBook
Of Sea and Stars

Melissa Good
November 2016
World's Collide - eBook
World's Collide

Moondancer Drake
November 15, 2016
Blinded - eBook

Kim Pritekel
November 2016

New Arrivals

In the Mood for Love - eBook
In the Mood for Love

Harper Bliss
November 2016
Lavender List, The - eBook
The Lavender List

Meg Harrington
November 2016
Fenced In Felix - eBook
Fenced In Felix

Cheyenne Blue
November 2016
Game Time - eBook
Game Time

Kate Christie
September 2016
Training Ground - eBook
Training Ground

Kate Christie
June 2016
Flight - eBook

Kate Christie
December 2013
Family Jewels - eBook
Family Jewels

Kate Christie
October 2014
Gay Pride and Prejudice - eBook
Gay Pride and Prejudice

Kate Christie
March 2012
Our Stories Continue Volume 1 - eBook
Our Stories Continue Volume 1

Elizabeth Hodge (ed)
October 2016
Review, The - eBook
The Review

Annette Mori
October 2016
Promise, The - eBook
The Promise

JM Dragon
November 2016
Christmas at Winterbourne - eBook
Christmas at Winterbourne

Jen Silver
November 2016
Not So Straight Sue - eBook
Not So Straight Sue

Cheyenne Blue
October 2016
Here's the Thing - eBook
Here's the Thing

Emily O'Beirne
October 2016
Rescue Me - eBook
Rescue Me (Ylva Publishing)

Michelle L. Teichman
October 2016
If Looks Could Kill - eBook
If Looks Could Kill

Andi Marquette
August 2016
Four Steps - eBook
Four Steps

Wendy Hudson
August 2016
1140 Rue Royale - eBook
1140 Rue Royale

Karen D. Badger
September 2016
Heart Trouble - eBook
Heart Trouble

September 2016

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