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  • Old Love by Nancy J. Hedin $9.99
  • Papercutter by Cindy Rizzo $9.99
  • Save the Date by Various Bella Authors $9.99
  • Swipe Right by Tagan Shepard $9.99
  • Her Consigliere by Carsen Taite $9.99
  • Opposites Attract by Aurora Rey, Meghan O'Brien and Angie Williams $9.99
  • When in Doubt by VK Powell $9.99
  • Not Guilty by Kris Bryant $9.99
  • A Turn of Fate by Ronica Black $9.99
  • Desires After Dark by MJ Williamz $9.99
  • Measure of Devotion by CF Frizzell $9.99
  • In Our Words $9.99
  • Swift Vengeance by Jackie D, Jean Copeland and Erin Zak $9.99
  • Under Her Influence by Amanda Radley $9.99
  • Wasteland by Kristin Keppler and Alissa Bahney $9.99
  • Thrust by Rachel Spangler $9.99
  • Under the Lights by Kate Christie $7.99
  • For the Love of Charley by Patty Schramm $9.99
  • Pas de deux by E. J. Noyes $9.99
  • One Weekend in Aspen by Jaime Clevenger $9.99
  • Love's No Joke by Cheri Ritz $9.99
  • In This Together by Bella Books $9.99
  • Unrivaled by Radclyffe $9.99
  • A Woman Treasure by Ali Vali $9.99
  • Before. After. Always. by Morgan Lee Miller $9.99
  • Cowgirl by Nance Sparks $9.99
  • Give in to Me by Elle Spencer $9.99
  • Hidden Dreams by Shelley Thrasher $9.99
  • Bet the Farm by Fiona Riley $9.99
  • In the Spotlight by Lesley Davis $9.99
  • Origins by Jen Jensen $9.99
  • A Quantum Uncertainty by CA Farlow $8.95
  • On My Honor by Nancy Manahan $19.95
  • Sculpting Her Heart by Tagan Shepard $7.99
  • $8.99
  • The Imperative Desire by Elena Graf $21.95
  • Illusion Lake by Sheryl Wright $17.95
  • Red Tide at Heron Bay by Gerri Hill $17.95
  • Beyond the Smoke by Stacy Lynn Miller $17.95
  • Simply the Best by Karin Kallmaker $18.95
  • Guardian by Jen Lawrence $17.95
  • Talented Amateur by Maryn Scott $17.95
  • The Commitment by Virginia Hale $17.95
  • The Convincing Hour by Ann Roberts $17.95
  • Out of Focus by Becky Harmon $17.95
  • Calculated Risk by Katherine Rupley $17.95
  • A Period of unCertainty by Sheryn Munir $17.95
  • Astrid Inside/Out by Louise McBain $17.95
  • On The Fence by Cade Haddock Strong $17.95
  • Go Around by E. J. Noyes $17.95
  • The Disappearance Lindy James by Catherine Maiorisi $17.95
  • Love Accidentally by Auroral Rey and Jaime Clevenger $17.95
  • Internet Famous by M.B. Guel $17.95
  • Hashtag Love by RL Burgess $17.95

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At Bella, we are committed to anti-racism and proudly state that Black lives matter. Without equivocation we support and fight for our authors to tell their stories their way and in their own voice. We are also actively working to increase the diversity of our authors at Bella, and are working to make our corner of lesfic a more equitable place.

The acclaimed authors at Bella are committed to telling contemporary and universal stories that capture our struggles and complexity, and ultimately honor our dreams and our hopes. With hundreds of titles in print, Bella Books is proud to be the largest lesbian-owned press devoted to the publication of books written for, by and about women-loving-women.

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