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  • The Lucky Ones by KG MacGregor $9.99
  • An Army of Lovers by Jamie Anderson $9.99
  • Hunter's Descent by Lise MacTague $9.99
  • Painted Moon 25th Anniversary Edition by Karin Kallmaker $9.99
  • The Sandstone Collection by KG MacGregor $15.99
  • Every Single Vote by KG MacGregor $0.99
  • House on Sandstone Author's Edition by KG MacGregor $9.99
  • One Walk in Winter by Georgia Beers $9.99
  • Heart of a Killer by Yolanda Wallace $9.99
  • Leading the Witness by Carsen Taite $9.99
  • The Inn at Netherfield Green by Aurora Rey $9.99
  • 30 Dates in 30 Days by Elle Spencer $9.99
  • Finding Sky by Cass Sellars $9.99
  • Hammers, Strings, and Beautiful Things by Morgan Lee Miller $9.99
  • No Experience Required by Kimberly Cooper Griffin $9.99
  • Vanished by Eden Darry $9.99
  • Top of Her Game by M. Ullrich $9.99
  • The Hidden Room by C. S. Joseph & Kathleen Greyson $7.99
  • Blood and Roses by MB Panichi $9.99
  • After the Summer Rain by Gerri Hill $9.99
  • Every Time We Say Goodbye by Jaye Maiman $9.99
  • All She Wants by Larkin Rose $9.99
  • Double-Crossed by Ali Vali $9.99
  • Beautiful Accidents by Erin Zak $9.99
  • Somewhere Along the Way by Kathleen Knowles $9.99
  • Legacy by Charlotte Greene $9.99
  • False Horizons by CJ Birch $9.99
  • Breathe by Cari Hunter $9.99
  • Before Now by Joy Argento $9.99
  • Prairie Hearts by JB Marsden $6.99
  • In The Way of All Flesh by Caitlin Alise Donovan $9.99
  • Words on a Plate by Reba Birmingham $9.99
  • Rearview Mirror by BL Clark $6.99
  • The Trophy Wives Club by Ali Spooner $7.99
  • Black Friday by Judy M. Kerr $9.99
  • Burn It Down by K. Aten $9.99
  • Floodtide by Heather Rose Jones $17.95
  • If the Shoe Fits by E. J. Noyes $17.95
  • Fare Game by Cade Haddock Strong $18.95
  • The Taking by Celeste Castro $17.95
  • Thursday Afternoons by Tracey Richardson $17.95
  • Bartender's Secret: A Cruise of Deception by Jody Valley $18.95
  • Ready for Love by Catherine Maiorisi $17.95
  • Vacation People by Cheri Ritz $16.95
  • Dirt Nap by Carolyn Elizabeth $16.95
  • Guardian Angel by Becky Harmon $16.95
  • Claiming Camille by Louise McBain $16.95
  • Quest for Redemption by Jessie Chandler $16.95
  • The Book of Kell by Amy Briant $16.95
  • And Then There Was Her by Tagan Shepard $16.95
  • Queerleaders by M. B. Guel $16.95
  • Gillette Park by Gerri Hill $16.95
  • Out of the Flames by Stacy Lynn Miller $16.95
  • All Together Stranger by Lara Hayes $16.95


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