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  • The Advice Columnist by Cade Haddock Strong $9.99
  • Pony Dakota by Nat Burns $9.99
  • Pages from Book Broken Dreams by Kat Jackson $9.99
  • When You Smile by Melissa Brayden $9.99
  • Digging for Destiny by Jenna Jarvis $9.99
  • Hot Hires by Alaina Erdell, Nan Campbell and Jesse J. Thoma $9.99
  • Promises to Protect by Jo Hemmingwood $9.99
  • The Land of Death and Devil's Club by Bailey Bridgewater $9.99
  • Sacred Ground by Missouri Vaun $9.99
  • McCall by Patricia Evans $9.99
  • And Then There Was One by Michele Castleman $9.99
  • The Queen's Eye by Jane Alden $7.50
  • Loyalty by E. J. Noyes $9.99
  • Shanghai Murder by Jessie Chandler $9.99
  • Chained Destinies by D Jordan Redhawk $9.99
  • Primal Hunt by L.L. Raand $9.99
  • Spirits & Sirens by Kelly & Tana Fireside $9.99
  • A Heart Divided by Angie Williams $9.99
  • Adrift by Sam Ledel $9.99
  • Cabin Fever by Tagan Shepard $9.99
  • Clean Kill by Anne Laughlin $9.99
  • Only a Bridesmaid by Haley Donnell $9.99
  • Snake Charming by Genevieve McCluer $9.99
  • Mom's Last Wish by Charlene Neil $5.99
  • She Met Her By the Sea by Hannah Safren $9.99
  • Under New Management by Cheri Ritz $9.99
  • Whispers in the Stacks $9.99
  • The Last Woman I Kissed by Venetia Di Pierro $9.99
  • Changing Her Tune by Amanda Kabak $9.99
  • Worth the Wait by Kenna White $9.99
  • Jones by Gerri Hill $9.99
  • Staying the Course by Rebecca K. Jones $9.99
  • Sweet Home Alabarden Park by TJ O'Shea $9.99
  • Devil's Breath by Anna Paxton $9.99
  • A New Leash on Love by Aurora Rey and Jaime Clevenger $9.99
  • Frosting on the Cake 3 by Karin Kallmaker $9.99

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The acclaimed authors at Bella are committed to telling contemporary and universal stories that capture our struggles and complexity, and ultimately honor our dreams and our hopes. With hundreds of titles in print, Bella Books is proud to be the largest lesbian-owned press devoted to the publication of books written for, by and about women-loving-women.

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