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Maddison (Del) Delanie––an ex-cop injured in the line of duty. Her partner and best friend was killed during the incident that left Maddison with permanent nerve damage in her leg. Forced to accept disability, Maddison faces a long and arduous rehabilitation.

Karileah (Kari) Gallagher––a wannabe actress. She left home to find fame and glory in California. In the meantime she works at her profession, physical therapist. She knows she'll never be a super star, her hope is to become a well-known character actress and finally get out of the shadow of her sister's achievements. Some dreams, though, are never meant to be.

Fiona M. Gallagher––an accomplished doctor in her home state of Pennsylvania. She takes a leave of absence from her practice to find her sister, Kari. Over the years, Kari has been faithful in her weekly communications home, often relating funny and interesting stories about life in LA and her new job as physical therapist/personal assistant to famed crime novelist, L.M. Addison. Fiona has long suspected that Kari is in love with her boss. Right now the issue is finding Kari and discovering why her letters stopped.

The lives of these women are intricately woven together. Surprises, heartache, and pain will unravel the truth. Will there be enough love left to save the relationships involved?
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Genre Romance
Pub Date
# Pages 284 pages
Publisher Lesbian Fiction Press
ISBN 9780988945340e

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