Awaiting My Assignment - eBook

Awaiting My Assignment

Bernie was a liar. Amanda learned that much when she caught her lover cheating the first time. Upon discovering a second indiscretion, Amanda vows there will never be another. She leaves the relationship, fleeing to her friend Dana in New York State. While staying at Dana’s home, Amanda meets and falls in love with a wonderful woman named Mallory. Amanda is ready to move on. However, the consistently surprising Bernie isn’t finished yet. Amanda learns of Bernie's rudest betrayal yet when she receives a package from her recently deceased ex-lover. A very surprising revelation and one final request is contained therein. The favor comes with a gift that delivers dramatic and life-altering changes, not only to Amanda’s life, but to the lives of her closest friends and new partner as well.

Friends Series Book 2
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Price: $5.99

Genre Romance
Pub Date
# Pages 298 pages
Publisher Desert Palm Press
ISBN 9781310825248e
Editor Sue Hilliker & R. Lee Fitzsimmons
Cover Designer AJ Adaire

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