Princess and the Outlaw, The - eBook

The Princess and the Outlaw

Jean Roberta weaves together myth, fairy tale and desire to create heroines who cast off shame and transform into their most authentic sexual selves. —Elka Cloke, author of Bitter Language

The women awaiting you in these pages might be fierce Amazons in ancient Greece, maidens and princesses of the medieval era, ingenues like Alice awaiting new and more sensual adventures beyond the rabbit hole, or outlaws and pirates. But each and every one is open to the delights and passions of flesh and fantasy. Most of the couplings are with other women—friends, confidantes, instructors, lovers—but the wealth of erotic encounters is not solely confined to the Sapphic. These are, after all, a selection of erotist Jean Roberta’s finer historical short tales. So do not fear a bit of prick for the open petals which may be parted by another woman's hand. Embrace what we all have down below, what we choose to expose and explore.
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Genre Erotica, Fantasy
Pub Date
# Pages 176
Publisher Lethe Press
ISBN 9781590210857e

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