Vestiges of Flames - eBook

Vestiges of Flames

New Zealand 2039: Jo is a student at Victoria University when a terrible plague spreads across the world—all but one percent of the world-wide population dead. An only child of fond parents, she has never had to face the harsher realities of life. But with her mother dead, her father stranded in America, and the city dying about her she decides to leave Wellington and search for a safe haven. Along the way, she encounters foe as well as friend, including Shay, who once lived on the street. Fighting where they must, trying to remain civilized when they can, the women are welcomed at a isolated commune. There they find that they cannot lay down their weapons as most had hoped, but must protect themselves from the increasing numbers of wild dog packs and human predators.

In the midst of this, Jo realizes that she has fallen in love with Shay but worries whether their relationship can flourish in a world faced with such despair and death, including from other plague survivors who seek to dominate and rule those remaining. Shay insists that the fight be taken to the very heart of the ruthless victimizers, while Jo desires a more peaceful existence. Neither woman may be ready for what transpires in this gripping post-apocalyptic novel.
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Genre Science-Fiction
Pub Date
Publisher Lethe Press
ISBN 9781590214838e

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